Finding Richard at

Which way did he go? Where has he been? Where is he headed? So many questions . . ..

Update – 8/2/12

Double Rainbow Over Decatur Island from Lopez

A beautiful double rainbow follows an afternoon squall.

Yesterday was my first day back to work after 12 days at Grandpa Gallanger’s homestead on Lopez Island.  If the month of June in Western Washington could be described as “Junuary,” then our first few days on the island would have to be described as “Julapril.” Cool, rainy & windy days followed by rockin’ thunderstorms at night.  By our third day, things had started to calm down and we actually started to see sun in the afternoons and stars at night — but it still felt more like early June than late July.

There were compensations for the variable weather, though — as the photo shows. 

Had a smallish family reunion this year, due to a lot of family members having conflicts, but, it was very good to see those who could make it and spend time with them. 

As always, time passed much too fast for my taste. Going to have to try to get more time on the island next year. 


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