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No, I Didn’t Drop off the Face of the Planet Again

I’m into week #3 of a nasty virus we have going around up here.  Thought it was my allergies going all Juramentado on me, but when I hit day 3 and nothing was putting a dent in it, I took myself off to the clinic.  Nope, not allergies, “just a really nasty virus that’s making the rounds.”   Spent the next six days flat on my back, popping Aleve, Mucinex and snorting Flonase.  Finally got well enough to come back to work last Monday.  Walked into a big project that allows me to be stashed away in a basement equipment room for the next couple weeks.  Thank God!  I don’t mind sharing, but I think my co-workers will gladly take a pass on this one.

Now, if me and my beautiful lady wife can just shake it.   The boys have managed to dodge the bullet on this one. (Thank you, Lord!)

I hate being sick in the Summer!  Especially when the weather is being uncharacteristically beautiful (Even if it is a touch hot.) for the Great North Wet.


Learned the Answer Today to Something I’ve Been Wondering About . . .

Since shortly after I was diagnosed:

Do ADHD people have comprehensive and accurate memories of their childhood?

Some do, some only have “flashes” and some have eidetic memory (read High Definition motion-picture-quality recall).

I fall squarely in the “flashy” camp when it comes to memories of my childhood and early adulthood.

I only have flashes of most things and – with the exception of a few really strong memories of good things – my only “cinematic” memories are of traumatic events, or of things that I did/said that were particularly embarrassing to myself and those around me.

As far as I know, there hasn’t been any significant research on this facet of ADD/ADHD.  This was in an ADHD forum where a bunch of ADDers were comparing notes.  This particular forum appears to have gone dormant in 2012, so I will do some more searching and add notes at the end of this post when I find more information.

Some were worse off than me, only having a couple of flashes of any of their childhood, and one individual says he has vivid and cinematic memories clear back to six months of age.  May be.  Who am I to judge?

I know that I was fortunate to be born to good and loving parents with four older brothers who loved me like doting uncles, I grew up in a magical place among extended family, and that I had a pretty good childhood.  BUT,  I can barely remember any of it.   And, sometimes – when I can’t remember something that I really want to remember – my ADDled brain will make stuff up.  My brothers are always having to correct me on stuff that “I know  I know.”

There’s nothing like not being able to trust your own mind . . .

More on the ability to recall childhood memory at ADDForums.  This is the forum set that appears to have gone dormant.  I’ll continue to search.

Should be at the Beach or Doing Something – Anything – Productive . . . But . . .

I’m sitting here at my little laptop and hiding from the heat (84F).

I did make omelettes for Brenda, John, and myself for breakfast.  Brenda took over to make Joe’s scrambled eggs.

So much to do.

So little motivation.

I’ve been worn-out since last weekend.

Being a real slime-ball.

Gotta find some energy, somewhere.

“ADD is a FICTITIOUS Disease Said its Inventor Before His Death”

This one is P. A. I. N.

Has me on the hot seat again — four years after my diagnosis.

This has been blasted all over the Internet, and my work is back to treating me like ADD “really isn’t a thing.”

According to Snopes, this statement is only partially true and rests solely on a statement – taken out of context – translated from a German magazine article by digital translation software. (ADHD is a prime example of a fictitious disease.”)

Actually, what he was saying was that many of the children prescribed Ritalin and other stimulant-based ADD meds don’t, in fact, have abnormal dopamine metabolism — which makes those prescriptions inappropriate for them.


Just need to make it two more years . . .

WOW! Has it really been almost TWO years?

  • Wow!

Oh, I already said that, huh?

Let’s see . . . What has changed?

Didn’t make it up to the Island last year.

The Honda was stolen.

Never did get my project truck on the road.

Junked it when I bought an actual running truck from my next door neighbor.

I’m still ADD.

I’m pushing sixty and trying to hold onto my job.  (My wife and children appear to prefer living indoors and eating regular.)

I’m finally getting rolling on getting back into woodworking.

  • I have a workbench
    • I can actually get to it.
    • But, it does need to be cleaned off before I can do anything productive.

Life just keeps on rolling.

I hope to update this with much more regularity.

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