Finding Richard at

Which way did he go? Where has he been? Where is he headed? So many questions . . ..

WOW! Has it really been almost TWO years?

  • Wow!

Oh, I already said that, huh?

Let’s see . . . What has changed?

Didn’t make it up to the Island last year.

The Honda was stolen.

Never did get my project truck on the road.

Junked it when I bought an actual running truck from my next door neighbor.

I’m still ADD.

I’m pushing sixty and trying to hold onto my job.  (My wife and children appear to prefer living indoors and eating regular.)

I’m finally getting rolling on getting back into woodworking.

  • I have a workbench
    • I can actually get to it.
    • But, it does need to be cleaned off before I can do anything productive.

Life just keeps on rolling.

I hope to update this with much more regularity.


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