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Which way did he go? Where has he been? Where is he headed? So many questions . . ..

Learned the Answer Today to Something I’ve Been Wondering About . . .

Since shortly after I was diagnosed:

Do ADHD people have comprehensive and accurate memories of their childhood?

Some do, some only have “flashes” and some have eidetic memory (read High Definition motion-picture-quality recall).

I fall squarely in the “flashy” camp when it comes to memories of my childhood and early adulthood.

I only have flashes of most things and – with the exception of a few really strong memories of good things – my only “cinematic” memories are of traumatic events, or of things that I did/said that were particularly embarrassing to myself and those around me.

As far as I know, there hasn’t been any significant research on this facet of ADD/ADHD.  This was in an ADHD forum where a bunch of ADDers were comparing notes.  This particular forum appears to have gone dormant in 2012, so I will do some more searching and add notes at the end of this post when I find more information.

Some were worse off than me, only having a couple of flashes of any of their childhood, and one individual says he has vivid and cinematic memories clear back to six months of age.  May be.  Who am I to judge?

I know that I was fortunate to be born to good and loving parents with four older brothers who loved me like doting uncles, I grew up in a magical place among extended family, and that I had a pretty good childhood.  BUT,  I can barely remember any of it.   And, sometimes – when I can’t remember something that I really want to remember – my ADDled brain will make stuff up.  My brothers are always having to correct me on stuff that “I know  I know.”

There’s nothing like not being able to trust your own mind . . .

More on the ability to recall childhood memory at ADDForums.  This is the forum set that appears to have gone dormant.  I’ll continue to search.


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