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Which way did he go? Where has he been? Where is he headed? So many questions . . ..

No, I Didn’t Drop off the Face of the Planet Again

I’m into week #3 of a nasty virus we have going around up here.  Thought it was my allergies going all Juramentado on me, but when I hit day 3 and nothing was putting a dent in it, I took myself off to the clinic.  Nope, not allergies, “just a really nasty virus that’s making the rounds.”   Spent the next six days flat on my back, popping Aleve, Mucinex and snorting Flonase.  Finally got well enough to come back to work last Monday.  Walked into a big project that allows me to be stashed away in a basement equipment room for the next couple weeks.  Thank God!  I don’t mind sharing, but I think my co-workers will gladly take a pass on this one.

Now, if me and my beautiful lady wife can just shake it.   The boys have managed to dodge the bullet on this one. (Thank you, Lord!)

I hate being sick in the Summer!  Especially when the weather is being uncharacteristically beautiful (Even if it is a touch hot.) for the Great North Wet.


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