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How to take your Mora Classic N.1 to the next bushcraft level

Mattia over at Wild Tuscany Survival did a great little article on modifying the standard Mora knife for bushcraft use. I love these knives, because they are tough, will take & hold a razor edge, and you can buy about ten of them for what you would pay for a single copy of one of the knives being marketed for “survival” or “bush craft.”  Heck, you can buy four of the Mora Military knives for what one K-Bar will set you back — without any of the commemorative engraving.  Go ahead and buy a couple.  You’ll want one in each vehicle and a spare in your pack – along with a ferrite rod and other survival basics. These are the everyday belt knives in Sweden and a kissing cousin to the famous Finnish Puuku that was so feared by the Russian and German invaders.  These may not be as “sexy” as a K-Bar or a Ramboesque “survival” knife, but they get the job done and you won’t have to hock your firstborn to get one.

Wild Tuscany Bushcraft


The knife

Mora knives (the brand name is Morakniv®) are actually a must-have for any true bushcraft lovers: these knives are simple, practical with excellent cutting properties at very inexpensive prices.
Recently Morakniv® has also developed a new line of knives with great attention to the bushcraft world, if you are interested go to this page
But two of the most popular bushcraft knives of Mora of Sweden are the oldest Mora models: the Mora Classic Number 1 and 2.
If your haven’t in your equipment one these knives, i must say… buy it! 

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One thought on “How to take your Mora Classic N.1 to the next bushcraft level

  1. Forgot to mention in this post that I usually buy my Mora knives from Ragnar’s Ragweed Forge:

    Ragnar’s prices for Mora knives tend to be a couple dollars lower than Amazon’s and considerably lower than many of the other sites I’ve seen that carry them.

    But wait! There’s more!

    He also carries knives, axes and tomahawks made by other forges. I’m eyeing one of his Viking shipbuilder’s axes right now. And, if you want a really authentic Finnish Puukko or Leuku at a decent price, Ragnar’s the man to see.

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