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12 Life Lessons Learned From The Great Depression

Source: 12 Life Lessons Learned From The Great Depression

Another good one from Rachel at How to Provide.  My parents were married during The Great Depression and passed along many lessons learned.  If you don’t follow the international financial news, right now the Chicken Littles of the financial sector are going on about “bubbles bigger than ’08.”  How serious is it?  Are they truly warning of dire circumstances in progress and death and destruction in the pipeline?  Or, are they just trying to sell whatever financial instrument or commodity that they’re hawking this week?  I don’t know.  I tend to be an optimist and believe that they are trading on fear.  But, I could be wrong.

If you would like a look into the insights of the international financial wizards and pundits, here’s an article at (Where else?) How to Provide titled “Deflation Threatens to Swallow the World.”


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