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Overcoming Convention – And Your Past


Long Ago, And Not So Far Away

I’m noticing that a lot of people in the healthy eating blogs are advising that we forego dairy products.  That’s rough — for the son and grandson of dairy farmers.

A few of the supplements I take to help me regulate my ADD symptoms are supposed to be taken with food.  Well, the Army broke me of eating breakfast right after I get up.  You’re supposed to get up, get dressed, go run five miles in the rain, sleet and/or snow, shower, shave, get dressed again, THEN go eat breakfast.  So I wind up eating at my desk at work.  Keeping milk in the refrigerator at the office has never worked out well for me.  It always winds up going off – rather rapidly, it seems – or, it gets used up and I forget to replace it.  I started just mixing my yogurt into my oatmeal.   (Oatmeal – it’s the breakfast of Highland Champions, I tell ye! Och, Aye! =;o))

Well, I don’t always bring yogurt that is flavor compatible with apple cinnamon oatmeal (My favorite!), so I started dosing it with a generous teaspoon of butter.   (I can hear the cardiologists cringing all across the country . . . )

After a while, dosing my oats with yogurt got a bit old and I ran out of butter, so I decided to just try them sans dairy.  Y’know what?  They’re not half bad without milk, yogurt, or butter!

My one piece of advice is to nuke them in the microwave for about 90 seconds, or until they try to climb out of the bowl, then let them sit for a couple minutes.  You’ll be amazed at the difference that makes for the flavor and texture of “instant” oatmeal.  They taste just like the old-fashioned oats that Mom boiled on the stove.

Live & learn . . .


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